Jon Bailie
3rd Dan Semokwan Ryu Hapkido

Jon Bailie has been studying Modern Hapkido for the last 25 years. He moved to Japan in 1996 and studied under Grand Master Sergio Fernandes for 5 years until returning to his home in London in 2001. During this time, Jon has achieved many accreditations and certifications (Click Here). Jon often travels back to Japan and Korea furthering his studies in Hapkido and has been teaching in the Clapham area since 2002.


  • 1st Dan Hangumdo

  • Hapkido Teaching Authority in the UK

  • Certificate of Authority to open Dojangs in the UK

  • Official appointment Chief Master Semokwan UK

  • Professional Membership and Coaching License with Martial Arts & Fitness Coach UK/EU

  • CRB checked

  • Tai Chi 太极拳 24 Step

Heather Hanson
2nd Dan Semokwan Ryu Hapkido

Through Dedicating 13 years of my life to Hapkido I have had the amazing opportunity to enhance the freeness of my mind and learn, through techniques and defence skills, the ability to apply myself to uncomfortable situations. Hapkido provides me with a sense of stability and safety within myself.

My achievements through the years have brought me to achieving 2nd Dan black belt. Passing the skills I have learnt onto the younger generation, through teaching, fills me with pride knowing that they have the opportunity to feel the same reassurance and confidence hapkido gives me.The art of learning self defence, i believe, is a vital ability to have in the modern world.

Darcey Hanson
2nd Dan Semokwan Ryu Hapkido

After 11 years of hapkido, I have not only developed a skill in the martial art but also an increase in confidence and awareness. Walking down streets, I feel much safer knowing that should I need it, I can defend myself.

Furthermore, meditation and mindfulness has helped me cope with stress and concentration in all aspects of life. Each lesson teaches me something different and I love learning and growing in my skill of Hapkido while also growing as a person.

Constance Boon
1st Dan Semokwan Ryu Hapkido

I started hapkido at age 7 and it has been an important piece of my life ever since. Through hapkido not only have I learnt basic defence skills but also self discipline and self confidence.


In 2020 I achieved my black belt and have continued to progress even more. I’ve also had the opportunity to teach younger belts and help children in the academy. Over these many years I owe lots to hapkido: I have made many friends and learnt many valuable lessons.