“I started Hapkido 5 years ago, looking for a new physical challenge and a way to slow the advancing middle-aged spread around my waist.  I didn’t imagine that before long Jon would have me doing roundhouse-into-tornado kicks, spinning backfists and flipping out of hand-locks.  

Jon’s approach is very encouraging, but he also pushes his students when needed. Classes are delivered with a healthy dose of humour and the learning is fun, and yet as you might expect in a martial art, Jon mixes this well with a disciplined and a serious approach to the subject.  

As an instructor and mentor Jon is constantly evolving his own engagement with Hapkido, thinking up new moves for different scenarios; he also blends in different approaches, such as techniques from Tai Chi; this means there is always something new to learn. Whether you’re looking for an exciting way to keep fit, wanting to learn an amazing array of self-defence techniques, or keep your joints supple and flexible, then I can highly recommend Jon’s classes”.