Summer Courses

Martial Arts Course – Suitable for 5 years and over
May 27th – 31st – Monday to Friday 11.30-2 pm on the common

This course will include:

• Qigong (Breathing and meditation with the object of improving health)
• Koans (Japanese Zen stories)
• Hapkido/Tai Chi stretching
• New Kata movements
• Perfecting current kicking techniques
• Close counter moves
• New kicks
• Throws/Don Jigui
• Jumping Break-falls (crash mat will be provided)
• Zazen (Japanese seated meditation)
Please bring a lunch box etc every day.
Cost £70

Street Awareness Course – Suitable for teenagers and over
Sunday 2nd June – 1-3 pm on the common

This course will include:

• Consciousness through meditation
• The rhythm of adversity
• Which action to take
• Understanding the movement of a knife
• Knife disarming
• Knife carrying, philosophy and flaws
Cost £70

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